Odin corner sofa

Odin corner sofa

Odin corner sofa

This clean-cut lined cubist with super comfortable seating and firm backrest, is one of our favourite sofas. The Odin has a fixed upholstery and optionally comes with decorative buttons at the back- or front side of the backrest. Choose a contrasting colour and this winner will fit any living space.


This furniture can be assembled completely to your own identity.

Fabric Fabric 170

An extremely large variety of fabrics is available these days. Pretty woollen, fresh cotton or chic fabrics with magnificent patterns. Our bert plantagie furniture can be upholstered in any upholstery fabric you desire. In addition to our own bert plantagie fabric collection, our furniture can be upholstered in other fabrics from popular manufacturers such as De Ploeg, Kvadrat and Gabriel. It is also possible to supply your own fabric. For advice feel free to ask your bert plantagie dealer. These professional advisors can show you a great selection of fabrics. To help you choose a suitable fabric for your piece of furniture, bert plantagie has already selected a number of fabrics for you. The bert plantagie fabric collection consists of the most beautiful fabric types and timeless colours; from popular brands to economic alternatives. Our fabrics also combine beautifully with the bert plantagie leather collection!

Adore 158 niagara
Adore 126 copper
Adore 132 gold
Adore 156 hunter
Adore 162 forest
Adore 200 pale
Adore 39 winered
Adore 56 petrol
Adore 59 moss
Adore 67 anthracite
Adore 90 indigo
Adore 92 blush
Alpine Bronze 116
Alpine Denim 153
Alpine Hazel 96
Alpine Indigo 90
Alpine Ivory 101
Alpine Natural 01
Alpine Steel149
Alpine Thyme 206
Bari 10 honey
Bari 27 stone
Bari 37 deepsea
Bari 43 redtaupe
Bari 57 shingle
Bari 60 papyrus
Bari 75 silver
Bries 16 Kaketoe
Bries 42 Finch
Bries 43 Ara
Bries 52 Lovebird
Bries 54 Crow
Bries 64 Junco
Bries 72 Bluebird
Bull 10 liver
Bull 28 cognac
Bull 39 winered
Bull 48 darkblue
Bull 59 moss
Bull 67 Antracite
Future 07 kiezel
Future 1000 light grey
Future 1001 middengrijs
Future 1003 zwart
Future 1007 navy
Future 1008 taupe
Future 144 azure
Future 24 yellow
Future 31 terra
Future 50 mint
Future 53 olive
Future 56 petrol
Grape Black Dahlia 78
Grape Buttercup 68
Grape Canna 38
Grape Daffodil 06
Grape Daisy 07
Grape Forget me not 46
Grape Lobelia 43
Grape Marigold 20
Hollywood 4001 yellow
Hollywood 7004 mousegrey
Hollywood 7709 night
Hollywood 8002 beige
Hollywood 8007 iceblue
Hollywood 8017 army green
Hollywood 8022 lightgrey
Hollywood 9022 antraciet
Image 12 taupe
Image 124 shitake
Image 156 hunter
Image 166 blossom
Image 169 onyx
Image 193 eucalypthus
Image 50 mint
Image 51 khaki
Image 71 lavender
Matrix azure 144
Matrix blossom 166
Matrix copper 126
Matrix grey 65
Matrix moss 59
Matrix naturel 01
Matrix shitake 124
Matrix sun133
Matrix zinc 167
Merit 001 soft cloud
Merit 012 mountain lake
Merit 016 rainy day
Merit 017 english green
Merit 021 mint icecream
Merit 025 curry
Merit 026 popcorn
Merit 034 lychee
Merit 035 salmon
Merit 037 blood orange
Merit 038 mars
Pine 001 frost
Pine 002 pebble
Pine 007 sparrow grey
Pine 011 cranberry
Pine 022 pine brown
Pine 029 squirrel
Pine 044 creek
Pine 045 swamp green
Pine 055 fir green
Pine 091 birch white
Prairie 17 lightred
Prairie 27 nude
Prairie 48 bluegrey
Prairie 58 pistache
Prairie 70 darkbrown
Prairie 80 darkgrey
Prairie 88 charcoal
Prairie 98 stone
Radar 03 sand
Radar 12 taupe
Radar 18 darkbraun
Radar 49 navy
Radar 60 lightgrey
Radar 67 antraciet
Reno Basil 54
Reno Blue 43
Reno Caramel 22
Reno Clear water 05
Reno Jeans 04
Reno Peach 10
Reno Sage 57
Reno Salt 08
Shock 300 bordeaux
Shock 600 hedgehog
Shock 601 beige
Shock 602 dirt
Shock 605 black
Shock 701 night sky
Shock 704 seaweed
Shock 800 mustard
Shock 806 foliage
Shock 811 autumn
Sneak Hazel 96
Sneak Indigo 90
Sneak Lava
Sneak Moss 59
Sneak Natural 01
Sneak Scarlet 141
Sneak Sky 142
Sneak Wood 108
Taft 102 ecru
Taft 25 orange
Taft 41 light blue
Taft 53 olive
Taft 65 grey
Taft 67 antraciet
Taft 79 charcoal
Taft 82 almond
Tempt 60146 grey white
Tempt 61170 taupe
Tempt 61171 light grey
Tempt 61172 sand
Tempt 66129 silver
Tempt 66130 grey blue
Tempt 68100 olive
Vision 43 Leaf
Vision 45 Forrest
Vision 49 Night
Vision 51 Amber
Vision 52 Apricot
Vision 61 Cloud
Vision 65 Dove
Vision 72 Skin

Leather Leather 77

Our leather collection consists of beautiful genuine leather from Europe. That is why bert plantagie leather has such a high quality and authentic look and feel. Leather enthusiasts can easily see that leather is a natural product: Your leather furniture will never look identical. Certain qualities of leather are even allowed to have “flaws”. These features are distinctive for the character and charm of your piece of designer furniture. Our Tendens leather collection is a range of covered leather, which is very suitable for extensive usage (dining room, children, pets).

Bold ash
Bold blue
Bold carbon
Bold cognac
Bold cuero
Bold elephant
Bold kelp
Bold kurkuma
Bold marrongrey
Bold moss
Elba Amaretto LE3500
Elba Anthracite LE1020
Elba Ecru LE9550
Elba Lava LE1850
Elba Marron LE2200
Elba Nero LE1010
Elba Olive LE7650
Elba Rubino LE4500
Elba Safari LE2500
Elba Whale LE5800
Rancho brown
Rancho cognac
Rancho moro
Rancho steel
Rancho Stone
Rancho forest
Raw antraciet
Raw bruin
Raw cognac
Raw taupe
Raw walnut
Tendens LD7830 Jade
Tendens LD0010 aubergine
Tendens LD4300 azalee
Tendens LD0505 bark
Tendens LD9000 blanco
Tendens LD4100 bordo
Tendens LD2215 chocolate
Tendens LD8462 corn
Tendens LD8602 geel
Tendens LD1200 graniet
Tendens LD0099 ivory
Tendens LD5405 japanese-blue
Tendens LD1600 kiezel
Tendens LD2331 latte
Tendens LD1400 lava
Tendens LD5600 lavendel
Tendens LD1500 lightgrey
Tendens LD7601 lime
Tendens LD2600 mandarijn
Tendens LD6678 mint
Tendens LD2100 moro
Tendens LD1000 nero
Tendens LD2202 nude
Tendens LD5005 old-pink
Tendens LD1800 off-white
Tendens LD1542 oranje
Tendens LD5555 oxidized-green
Tendens LD3020 papaya
Tendens LD4607 paprika
Tendens LD1120 petrol
Tendens LD0038 pistache
Tendens LD4401 plum
Tendens LD4150 red
Tendens LD5150 royalblue
Tendens LD2015 saddlebrown
Tendens LD3900 sahara
Tendens LD3700 sand
Tendens LD5700 seagreen
Tendens LD2222 sienna
Tendens LD5425 slate-grey
Tendens LD9500 snowwhite
Tendens LD5001 softblue
Tendens LD8001 softyellow
Tendens LD1111 steel
Tendens LD0511 taupe
Tendens LD7509 verde

Designs and dimensions

Designs and dimensions content

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Type Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Seat depth (cm) Seat height (cm)
Loveseat 80 130 90 56 44
2.5-seats 80 195 90 56 44
3-seats 80 215 90 56 44
3.5-seats 80 235 90 56 44
2.5-seats with 1 armrest (dormeuse) 80 170 90 56 44
3-seats with 1 armrest (dormeuse) 80 190 90 56 44
3.5-seats with 1 armrest (dormeuse) 80 210 90 56 44
Dormeuse 80 90 215 56 44
Chaise longue 80 99 150 56 44
Corner 80 90 90 56 44

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