A selection of our most popular tables from the bert plantagie collection is available with a ceramic table top. Ceramic is perfect as a table top material. It is resistant to very high as well as very low temperatures and is extremely shock-, impact- and scratch-resistant. Other advantages of ceramic are that it is very sanitary, easy to clean and 100% natural. Ceramic is a natural product. This means your ceramic table top can show colour variations, pigmentation spots, imperfections and spots over its surface area as well as stripes (depending on the angle of surface illumination). It can also occur that your ceramic table top differs from the sample or showroom model that you might have seen, in for example the gloss level, the vein structure or the formation of the ceramic layers. The different ceramic layers that together form a panel, are attached to each other with adhesives. These adhesive layers are visible and may show small irregularities. Because the mentioned features are product specific characteristics they form no basis for reclamations. Ceramic table tops can and may show product specific and material specific characteristics. This means that at least one side of the table top should be suitable for furniture application, while the other side can and may show natural characteristics, as well as small damages or production traces like sticker and ink residues. If a specific table top lends itself for this, it should be turned over to apply the best side as visible surface. As the named characteristics are product specific features, they do not form a valid reason for complaints. Caution: A ceramic top can break under the stress of its own weight when lifted improperly. Always lift from the frame and ensure sufficient support. Never lift the top from the vertices alone. The long end of the top may never show any sagging when lifted. Avoid rings, scratches and damages from objects that are placed on the table top. These kinds of stains and damages are explicitly excluded from the guarantee. Always apply felt to vases, glasses, mugs, pans, and other such objects, or use coasters. Due to the veined structure of Statuario, discrepancies may appear between sample, showroom model and the delivered piece of furniture. These structural differences are inherent to this material, and are no valid reason for complaint. A Statuario sample is cut from a larger whole and therefore is not representative for a larger top. Please first review a larger top or a photograph before purchase.

Price group 1

Oxido darknight
Oxido flame
Oxido ice
Zement dunkel
Zement hell
Zement montana

Price group 2

Eiche hell
Moor eiche
Oregon antik
Dark marble


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