Varnish colours

We offer a matching powder coating for almost every colour of fabric and/or leather in our collection, which allows for the most beautiful ton-sur-ton combinations. This wide range of possible powder coatings also ensures that our products can be perfectly coordinated with other aspects of the interior. And that you can make the most mind-blowing creations!

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Standard varnish colours

RAL9010 pure white
RAL1013 oyster white
BP404 marron
BP100 anthracite
EP silver
BP303 emerald
RAL9017 traffic black
RAL7031 blue grey
RAL7022 omber grey
EP steel grey

Varnish colours custom

RAL1015 light ivory
RAL1014 ivory
RAL1032 broom yellow
BP920 latte
RAL1011 brown beige
RAL8001 ochre brown
RAL8023 orange brown
RAL8004 copper brown
RAL8003 clay brown
BP420 rust
RAL6013 reed green
RAL6009 fir green
RAL6022 olive green
RAL7010 tarpaulin grey
RAL3002 carmine red
RAL3004 purple red
RAL3003 ruby red
RAL8016 mahogany brown
RAL8025 pale brown
RAL5024 pastel blue
RAL5014 pigeon blue
RAL5001 green blue
BP511 night
RAL9018 papyrus white
RAL7044 silk grey
RAL7030 stone grey
RAL7048 pearl mouse grey
RAL7039 quartz grey

Order your color samples from the bert plantagie collection in our service shop!

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