Our leather collection consists of beautiful genuine leather from Europe. That is why bert plantagie leather has such a high quality and authentic look and feel. Leather enthusiasts can easily see that leather is a natural product: Your leather furniture will never look identical. Certain qualities of leather are even allowed to have “flaws”. These features are distinctive for the character and charm of your piece of designer furniture. Our Tendens leather collection is a range of covered leather, which is very suitable for extensive usage (dining room, children, pets).


Bold marrongrey
Bold cuero
Bold cognac
Bold blue


Rancho forest
Rancho moro
Rancho cognac
Rancho brown
Rancho Stone
Rancho steel


Raw walnut
Raw taupe
Raw cognac
Raw bruin
Raw antraciet


Retro Powder LH1965
Retro Goa LH1964
Retro Caprueva LH1962
Retro Steelblue LH1961


Tendens verde
Tendens taupe
Tendens steel
Tendens softyellow
Tendens softblue
Tendens snowwhite
Tendens slate-grey
Tendens sienna
Tendens seagreen
Tendens sand
Tendens sahara
Tendens saddlebrown
Tendens royalblue
Tendens red
Tendens plum
Tendens pistache
Tendens petrol
Tendens paprika
Tendens papaya
Tendens oxidized-green
Tendens oranje
Tendens old-pink
Tendens off-white
Tendens nude
Tendens nero
Tendens moro
Tendens mint
Tendens mandarijn
Tendens lime
Tendens lightgrey
Tendens lavendel
Tendens lava
Tendens latte
Tendens kiezel
Tendens japanese-blue
Tendens ivory
Tendens graniet
Tendens geel
Tendens corn
Tendens chocolate
Tendens bordo
Tendens blanco
Tendens bark
Tendens azalee
Tendens aubergine


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