The wood we use for our furniture originates from certified wood suppliers from Europe and America and has a high quality. Therefore all our wooden products have a high level of craftsmanship and an authentic look and feel. The bert plantagie wood collection consists of the following types of wood: oak and walnut. These wood types can get a clear oil or varnish finish. Oak and walnut are available in two different qualities: premium or knotted. The knotted version is more robust (and cheaper) than the premium version. Do you like stained wood? A number of the bert plantagie wood types can also be executed in clear oil and varnish, or in various wood stain colours. A layer of clear varnish or oil is added to all wood stain colours. View all possible table edge finishes here


Walnut varnish
Walnut oil
Walnut blond oil
Walnut blond varnish


Oak oil
Oak varnish
Oak bianco oil
Oak bianco varnish
Oak white wash varnish
Oak chalk oil
Oak pebble oil
Oak smoked grey varnish
Oak basalt varnish
Oak black varnish


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