Our new partner: Trees for All | bert plantagie
29 November 2022

Our new partner: Trees for All

2500 trees will be planted in 2023 in bert plantagie’s corporate forests by Trees for All. With this investment, we want to further minimise our ecological footprint and make the world a more beautiful place with our furniture, in all respects.


The bert plantagie forests in Leersum and Madagascar combat soil depletion, poverty and inequality. They improve biodiversity and air quality, among other things, and promote the availability of affordable clean energy. In this way, we compensate (part of) our CO2 emissions and increase quality of life, both in our own environment and elsewhere in the world.


Good to know: our furniture is made in Europe. The wood we use is predominantly certified and purchased locally, from suppliers who guarantee continuity. This means we plant more trees than we use.



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