Our idea of a sustainable future

“Live beautiful” is what we aim to do. But we are not a trend brand, nor fancy or fashionable. We love to see you being you, in your home that fits you like a glove. In that way you are likely to enjoy our products over a long period of time.

We don’t like to live by the rules that much, actually we love to break them. But we also believe in creating a better future. We have obliged ourselves to put down some guidelines as it comes to our behavior, because we want to be as sustainable as we are successful in 2030:

1. Make an impression, not an imprint

Our furniture is designed to be desired, but built to last. But also to resist the test of time and to endure your lifestyle. Our chairs have your back in every situation, whether it is a happy birthday party or a heavy conversation, in which you might put your fist down on the table. We would like to make an impression, not an imprint.

2. Make it yours

“Make it yours” is our motto, because we don’t believe in one size fits all. Our highly customizable collection of dining room chairs, known under this name, is famous for its wide range of options. Actually, freedom of choice is our unique selling points. Nowadays we apply “Make it yours” to a number of things and keep it in mind when we make important decisions. It reminds us to take ownership and show responsibility for the things we take from this earth and pour down on it.

3. Make it last

We believe that taking care of your home, each other and our planet is a grateful task, that is not always easy. By creating products of top quality with a long lifespan we try to contribute to the reduction of waste. Everything is made after order, easy to maintain, repairable and produced in Europe, with respect for people and their environment. To stretch the first life phases of our products even further, we are looking into ways of offering refurbishment to our product users. Also: people who are really through with their bert plantagie piece, should be able to return it so we can make sure it gets recycled.

4. Practice what you preach

A great part of the materials we work with, are circular. Our wooden tops and legs are natural C02-containers, while the trees that were planted to replace those resources filter the air we breathe. We also experiment with tables made from recycled plastic, among which our own waste (egg. the cones our yarn was wound upon). The bubbling belly of our company, the bert plantagie laboratory (short: BP Lab), is always in search of new materials. Recently we have upholstered a set of Kiko chairs with “leather” solely made from pineapples. We are also looking into recycled leather and leather made from grape waste. These pineapple chairs form a nice set with our one and only Carve table with a marble-like top made out of cutting boards. Scraps of leather that we discard, are turned into wallets, bags and/or other pieces of art. More and more fabrics (partially) made of recycled polyester are joining our collection and our Wave carpets are made of econyl®: 100% recycled and 100% recyclable yarn with fishing nets and rags a main ingredients. We conserve our steel parts by powder coating, an electrostatically process free of solvents and spillage of paint. To keep them safe, we package our pieces of furniture in boxes of recycled cardboard. Recently we have opened a hub in central Europe, to shrink the mileage covered by our furniture. The same goes for our representatives, who drive electro powered when they can.

5. Be yourself, but better

Being a bunch of Dutch traders, we absolutely hate to waste anything. Everything that we get in our hands is being used somehow. Our Calvinistic mind is wired like that and we like to think that we are blessed with the commercial gift of efficiency. For example: keychains, coasters and other (promotional) articles are sewn from scraps of fabric and leather. But we aren’t there yet! At the moment, we are figuring out how to be better altogether. If we could mock up our future on a drawing board like a new model, we wish it to be 100% free of harmful gasses and bad conduct – including making promises we can’t keep. Please feel free to reach out to us if you think we can team up in this quest to be leaner, greener en more meaningful.

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