Kiko Stool

The members of the Kiko series are characterised by an open design and ample choice of colour variation. The fine-structured frame is made of steel, which provides a solid base and modern look. The upholstered parts can be executed in a fabric and/or leather combination of your choice. Add a personal touch by choosing a playful detail like a tight-stitched seam or decorative buttons.



Bari 80 steel
Bari 75 silver
Bari 60 papyrus
Bari 58 charcoal
Bari 57 shingle
Bari 43 redtaupe
Bari 40 rouge
Bari 37 deepsea
Bari 27 stone
Bari 10 honey
2012/B orangeB
Future 2011 red
Future 1008 taupe
Future 1003 zwart
Future 1001 middengrijs
Future 1000 light grey
Future 147 oceanblue
Future 144 azure
Future 77 fuchsia
Future 74 aubergine
Future 73 pink
Future 56 petrol
Future 50 mint
Future 24 yellow
Future 07 kiezel
Future 01 natural
Hallingdal 754 ocean bed
Hallingdal 687 cherry
Hallingdal 680 raspberry
Hallingdal 590 orange
Hallingdal 573 aubergine
Hallingdal 368 pebble
Hallingdal 180 charcoal
Hallingdal 173 fire wood
Hallingdal 130 cement
Hallingdal 126 hailstorm
Hallingdal 110 sleet
Hollywood 4001 yellow
Hollywood 9022 antraciet
Hollywood 8024 burgundy red
Hollywood 8022 lightgrey
Hollywood 8017 army green
Hollywood 8007 iceblue
Hollywood 8002 beige
Hollywood 7709 night
Hollywood 7004 mousegrey
Image 193 eucalypthus
Image 169 onyx
Image 166 blossom
Image 156 hunter
Image 124 shitake
Image 71 lavender
Image 51 khaki
Image 50 mint
Image 43 iceblue
Image 12 taupe
Indy 90 fuchsia
Indy 83 navy
Indy 77 taupe
Indy 67 creme
Indy 58 liver
Indy 51 chocolatte
Indy 43 orange
Indy 40 red
Indy 38 blue brown
Indy 37 aqua grey
Indy 35 blue grey
Indy 10 mustard
Miura 86 grigio
Miura 80 nero
Miura 75 roccia
Miura 68 ciottolo
Miura 65 rena
Miura 57 marroncino
Miura 51 tomba
Miura 50 bruno
Miura 42 marrone
Miura 33 azzurro
Miura 31 blu scuro
Miura 23 verde chiaro
Miura 11 giallo
Ploegwool 92 sunny grey
Ploegwool 89 dark brown
Ploegwool 83 light grey
Ploegwool 77 grey brown
Ploegwool 73 sand
Ploegwool 69 dirty yellow
Ploegwool 67 mustard yellow
Ploegwool 59 green
Ploegwool 45 diep blue
Ploegwool 41 electric blue
Ploegwool 37 grey purple
Ploegwool 29 grey blue
Ploegwool 24 light blue
Ploegwool 14 bright red
Ploegwool 14 orange
Ploegwool 13 diep red
Radar 67 antraciet
Radar 65 grey
Radar 60 lightgrey
Radar 57 lime
Radar 56 petrol
Radar 49 navy
Radar 18 darkbraun
Radar 17 chocolat
Radar 12 taupe
Radar 09 camel
Radar 03 sand
Steelcut trio
Steelcut trio 713 lichtblauw
Steelcut trio 645 beige-rood
Steelcut trio 533 rood-oranje
Steelcut trio 453 geel
Steelcut trio 253 bruin-blauw
Steelcut trio 213 beige
Steelcut trio 133 grijs
Steelcut trio 113 silver
Taft 133 sun
Taft 141 scarlett
Taft 102 ecru
Taft 95 coral
Taft 82 almond
Taft 79 charcoal
Taft 67 antraciet
Taft 65 grey
Taft 53 olive
Taft 49 navy
Taft 41 light blue
Taft 25 orange
Taft 18 dark brown
Taft 01 natural
Tempt 68101 brown
Tempt 68100 olive
Tempt 67045 blue green
Tempt 66131 blue
Tempt 66130 grey blue
Tempt 66129 silver
Tempt 65076 salmon
Tempt 64118 pink
Tempt 61172 sand
Tempt 61171 light grey
Tempt 61170 taupe
Tempt 60900 black
Tempt 60146 grey white
Clara taupe 384
Clara slate yellow 423
Clara slate pink 643
Clara slate orange 544
Clara sand 248
Clara grey blue 884
Clara camel 277
Clara brown grey 273
Clara blue 797
Clara black 188
Gallipoli white
Gallipoli rust
Gallipoli pink
Gallipoli petrol
Gallipoli orange
Gallipoli olive
Gallipoli navy
Gallipoli nature
Gallipoli lightgrey
Gallipoli lavendel
Gallipoli darkbrown
Gallipoli cream
Gallipoli cloud
Matrix copper 126
Matrix moss 59
Matrix zinc 167
Matrix sun133
Matrix shitake 124
Matrix naturel 01
Matrix grey 65
Matrix blossom 166
Matrix azure 144
Savanna taupe 262
Savanna green grey 952
Savanna cream red 622
Savanna cream 122
Savanna camel 442
Savanna brown red 672
Savanna antracite 152
Bull 67 Antracite
Bull 59 moss
Bull 48 darkblue
Bull 39 winered
Bull 28 cognac
Bull 10 liver
Adore 200 pale
Adore 162 forest
Adore 158 niagara
Adore 156 hunter
Adore 132 gold
Adore 126 copper
Adore 92 blush
Adore 90 indigo
Adore 67 anthracite
Adore 59 moss
Adore 56 petrol
Adore 39 winered
Shock 811 autumn
Shock 806 foliage
Shock 800 mustard
Shock 704 seaweed
Shock 701 night sky
Shock 605 black
Shock 602 dirt
Shock 601 beige
Shock 600 hedgehog
Shock 300 bordeaux
Pine 002 pebble
Pine 091 birch white
Pine 055 fir green
Pine 045 swamp green
Pine 044 creek
Pine 029 squirrel
Pine 022 pine brown
Pine 011 cranberry
Pine 007 sparrow grey
Pine 001 frost
Merit 038 mars
Merit 037 blood orange
Merit 035 salmon
Merit 034 lychee
Merit 026 popcorn
Merit 025 curry
Merit 021 mint icecream
Merit 017 english green
Merit 016 rainy day
Merit 012 mountain lake
Merit 001 soft cloud


Tendens LD7509 verde
Tendens LD0511 taupe
Tendens LD1111 steel
Tendens LD8001 softyellow
Tendens LD5001 softblue
Tendens LD9500 snowwhite
Tendens LD5425 slate-grey
Tendens LD2222 sienna
Tendens LD5700 seagreen
Tendens LD3700 sand
Tendens LD3900 sahara
Tendens LD2015 saddlebrown
Tendens LD5150 royalblue
Tendens LD4150 red
Tendens LD4401 plum
Tendens LD0038 pistache
Tendens LD1120 petrol
Tendens LD4607 paprika
Tendens LD3020 papaya
Tendens LD5555 oxidized-green
Tendens LD1542 oranje
Tendens LD5005 old-pink
Tendens LD1800 off-white
Tendens LD2202 nude
Tendens LD1000 nero
Tendens LD2100 moro
Tendens LD6678 mint
Tendens LD2600 mandarijn
Tendens LD7601 lime
Tendens LD1500 lightgrey
Tendens LD5600 lavendel
Tendens LD1400 lava
Tendens LD2331 latte
Tendens LD1600 kiezel
Tendens LD5405 japanese-blue
Tendens LD0099 ivory
Tendens LD1200 graniet
Tendens LD8602 geel
Tendens LD8462 corn
Tendens LD2215 chocolate
Tendens LD4100 bordo
Tendens LD9000 blanco
Tendens LD0505 bark
Tendens LD4300 azalee
Tendens LD0010 aubergine
Rancho forest
Rancho moro
Rancho cognac
Rancho brown
Rancho Stone
Rancho steel
Raw walnut
Raw taupe
Raw cognac
Raw bruin
Raw antraciet
Retro Powder LH1965
Retro Goa LH1964
Retro Caprueva LH1962
Retro Steelblue LH1961
Bold ash
Bold moss
Bold marrongrey
Bold cuero
Bold cognac
Bold blue

Varnish colours

Standard varnish colours
EP steel grey
BP404 marron
BP303 emerald
BP100 anthracite
EP silver
RAL9010 pure white
RAL9017 traffic black
RAL1013 oyster white
RAL7022 omber grey
RAL7031 blue grey
Varnish colours custom
RAL7010 tarpaulin grey
RAL7030 stone grey
RAL7044 silk grey
BP420 rust
RAL3003 ruby red
RAL6013 reed green
RAL7039 quartz grey
RAL3004 purple red
RAL5014 pigeon blue
RAL7048 pearl mouse grey
RAL5024 pastel blue
RAL9018 papyrus white
RAL8025 pale brown
RAL8023 orange brown
RAL6022 olive green
RAL8001 ochre brown
BP511 night
RAL8016 mahogany brown
RAL1015 light ivory
BP920 latte
RAL1014 ivory
RAL6009 fir green
RAL8004 copper brown
RAL8003 clay brown
RAL1011 brown beige
RAL3002 carmine red
RAL5001 green blue
RAL1032 broom yellow


  • frame BP100 anthracite
  • equipped with oblong caps black (depending on colour frame)


  • frame / legs in bert plantagie varnish colours (fine structure)
  • equipped with black oblong caps felt (depending on colour frame)
  • contrasting stitched seams
  • bicolour upholstery (inside / outside)
  • external procurement fabric / leather
  • equipped with a tight-stitched seam
  • equipped with a button
  • Make It Yours label


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Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm)
45 46.5 41
45 69 41
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